Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bowling highlight

As we left the train station 9:30am Wednesday morning. It only seemed like a minute and we were already there. When we walked past the KFC takeaway I could smell the Chicken from outside. Mr Hooker's group was already there first at ten pin bowling witch had to be my group. We were all over whelmed and excited to be there . We walked in , everyone scattered around the game section.

Mrs Tui walks over , she puts us into seven groups. Lees group was first to get their shoe size. WOW! what a good fit. Off we go to sit at a table. Lees group (witch i was in) was one of the last to start their game.

Then our names appeared on the screen. Lets get our bowling balls "down there!" I said. My highest score was 32. My highlight of the day was spending time with my school mates before I leave St Pius X school. We caught the train back at 2:34 Pm. We walked back to school.

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