Friday, April 15, 2011

A Prayer for Christ

Dear Jesus

Help me to remember that you died for me and saved my life on the cross.
Help me to forgive others and love my enemies.
I know that you are always there for me.
May the lord look upon me as I go through the fourteen station.



My net book is so cool.
My net book is so fun . 
I can chat to everyone.
It’s a new way of learning.
A new way of talking.
A new way of laughing.
You can not fool the teachers like we use to.
My net book is so cool.
My net book is so fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Lazy Day

At home on the sofa. It was on Saturday morning. All I could hear were crickets out side. My mum walked into the sitting room. I was sitting there soooooo lazy. Mum said get up and clean. Just as I going to turn on the T.V. Mum said "no wait" we are going to see Auntie Sia. We all got dressed. Got out of the house. And on the road we went. We got there it was night time. I had no idea where we were. We ended up sleeping over at my aunties house.