Friday, June 17, 2011

Maths refection

During maths each morning, the Pentagon’s were working on our home work. They didn’t do. Well we were trying to work out the questions. Mrs Tui came and made it easier, and helped us with the question. Later on we got lollipops for our hared work.

What I have learned is that if you have.

9+2=11 How did I get the answer by
Adding 1 to the 9 to make 10. Then add the other 1 to the 10 and that adds up to 11.

Puasuasive Writing

Home work is important and that’s why we need to do home work!!!!!!

Firstly because it’s good to do some learning after school. It’s nice to learn maths, reading, writing and spelling at home.

Definitely I’m not great in all my subjects, that’s why I need home work. Time for quiet, and can study better at home any way. Home work is time to not watch T.V and play around.

Home work can help people in the future. In all kinds of ways, Like me with my reading, writing,spelling and maths.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jesus ascended to his father in heaven. Clouds lifted him to heaven. The disciples watched as Jesus went.The disciples did not know where Jesus was going. Jesus was filled with light when he was ascended. That's when Jesus promised to seed the Holy Spirit to the disciples.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My reflection

When we had just arrived at retreat, we were very amazed it looked like a machine as to how big it was. We all lit a candle for some one that had passed away. Our first activity was to do with communicating with others. The brother that helped us was brother Philip. Later in morning tea time we got sent to our rooms to relax time. I was writing in my prayer book about what I was looking at.
‘I’m in my room looking out my widow and a big tree is out side.This is a very clean room and I can here girls yelling screaming. Boys running up and down the hall way.’

There is a lady that helps brother Philip her name is Joanne. I had a little fiddle with her laptop. As time went by, it was night time. Every one went to bed and talked to their roommate. My roommate was Jessica.