Friday, August 5, 2011

Holiday Fun

On the first Sunday of the holidays so many thoughts came to my head. Is the holidays going to be boring or amazing. Mum said if you want to, you can go to the movies with your cousins. Monday went past fast and Tuesday was just around the corner. I had butterfly's in my stomach. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't sleep properly that Monday night tossing and turning. I woke up movie time I said loudly, As I got ready.

In the car we go and out of the house. We are finally here Sylvia park. My cousins will meet me there at Hoyts. I and my cousins were very eager to watch cars2. As we waited we all walked around Sylvia park Rubes, jay jays says my cousins and all sorts of places. 3.30pm is when the movie starts 2.30pm back to Hoyts we go. Ready to go into the movie theater. When the movie started we stared eating the pop corn.Buttery and mushy.

My highlight was when Lightning McQueen went back to Radiator Springs to speed his time with his best friend Mater. The seats right in the front are not comfortable to sit in. After a while the movie was over out we went and my little cousin wanted to go to the toilet so we did. When we came out of Sylvia park we went home.

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